The CBM advantage

Building A Portfolio, Founded on your vision From an Investor looking for a secure nest egg to the opportunist seeking to exploit volatile
commodities for massive and speedy gains. Whatever our clients financial targets may be, our
team of professionals will tailor a path based on their goals.
Opportunistic Trading Long Term Secure Investments Hedge and Position Protection
30 “Blue Chip” Investor The "Blue Chip" Investment philosophy involves securely trading on assets with low volatility and promising growth over time For those seeking the highest degree of security, and extremely stable returns Suited for the more patient investor with the intention of rolling over profits and compounding interest. 40 Event Trader The Event Trading Philosophy revolves around seizing opportunities on the market as they present themselves and quickly compounding profits. Volatility Trading and Exploiting market events and other unique opportunities, using careful technical analysis Fast paced trading strategy suited for those seeking the highest returns within the shortest period of time 50 “Balanced Gain” Investor The “Balanced Gain” investment Philosophy revolves around balancing the extremely high profit potential of Volatility Trading with secure long term positions and designated reserve capital for hedging positions Suited for investors looking to satisfy monthly return expectations Speak with account manager about your plan Investment Vehicles CFDs Forex Long Term FRO's S.E. (Short Expiry) Contracts OTC Binary Options