Leadership Team

The CBM Staff

Capital Bank Markets has invested a large portion of its resources into finding and keeping professionals of the highest caliber.
All staff are carefully selected based on qualifications that include education, track record, and integrity.

Our dedicated staff consists of :

  • Account Advisors
  • Account Managers
  • Market Analysts
  • Wealth Managers

All our staff is held to highest standard of dedication, professionalism, and integrity.

At Capital Bank Markets, we believe our clients deserve the best and we strive to deliver the best products, the best people, and the best service, by offering our clients access to an entire team of experienced professionals focused on the client’s goals.

Management Team

1-7 Bernard Kelly CEO Over 25 years of upper management experience in banking & finance. Provides fiscal, strategic, and operations leadership. Joined Capital Bank Markets in 2010 2-7 Margarett C. Carter CFO Leading Capital Bank Markets in Financial Operations, Strategy, and Corporate Development. Served in various roles in the banking and finance industries 3 Mikael Tomren COO With the Capital Bank Markets management team Since 2012 he has created a defined record of driving increased revenues and market share. Mikael has a long history in turnaround of underperforming units, using an innovative team development strategy.

Analytics Department

4 David Staub Chief Equities Analyst Highly accomplished senior equities analyst. Manages Capital Bank Markets top investment portfolios with a proven track record of success. He directs all equity analysis for the CBM staff and specializes in analysis of securities & equities on the U.S. Market 5 Gerard Margaux Chief Currency Analyst Senior currency analyst with over 20 years market experience. Manages Capital Bank Market’s top investment portfolios and directs all currency analysis.Gerard has served some of Europe’s most prestigious financial institutions and has been responsible for some of their largest portfolios.